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Bovey Tracey Residents Association

Thu 8 Nov 2018

Although the Residents’ Association is completely independent from our local Council and on a number of occasions takes completely different views in relation to decisions taken by the Council, the Association and many residents agree that they are well served by them. Unlike some other Councils in Devon, our Council tends to be non-political and certainly appears to base its decisions on the facts before it and not on any particular party political doctrine. Representatives from the Residents’ Association regularly attend Council meetings in order that the Association is kept up-to-date with current topics discussed by the Council.

Another reason for attending the meetings is to represent the views of residents and others who have contacted us with a subject that they would like to raise but are unable or unwilling to attend a particular meeting. It is always better for the people who wish to express their views to attend the meeting personally, but if this is not possible we are always willing to represent them and report back after the meeting. In some instances we have represented residents who have attended the Council meeting but were not prepared to express their views in front of up to fourteen Councillors during the Public Speaking part of an agenda.

A number of residents have commented on how much they appreciate the number, variety and quality of shops in the town. Some have said that as they become older and perhaps less active it is very convenient for them to be able shop locally and for them not always to have to travel to out-of –town shops and supermarkets . In such a small town we are fortunate to have such a variety of restaurants, cafes, public houses, take-aways and supermarkets and shops including a baker, greengrocer, butcher, ironmonger and delicatessen. In addition there are numerous other specialist outlets that cover a large range of interests. It is very unfortunate that we have recently lost our remaining bank apparently because more people are banking on-line and borrowing money from a number of different sources. If Bovey businesses are to continue to thrive they need local residents especially to patronise them.

As the next edition of The Cottage Magazine will be distributed in January, we wish readers a very happy Christmas and New Year.

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