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Adopt a Dartmoor Pony for Christmas

Thu 8 Nov 2018


The Dartmoor pony is on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust’s ‘Endangered’ List.

In 2005, the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (DPHT) was established to help ensure a future for the traditional, single coloured Dartmoor pony bred on Dartmoor and to promote their vital role in the management and improved biodiversity of the Moor.

One way it raises funds is through its “Dartmoor Pony Adoption Gift Pack” – a great idea for a Christmas gift.

The cost is £20 per year for UK residents: £25 for those who live abroad.

Adopting a Dartmoor Pony is a gift suitable for anyone, of any age, who loves horses and ponies.  Funds raised go towards the DPHT’s pony training scheme – free to pony keepers and farmers – providing basic handling and ‘taming’ of ponies so that they have a greater value and are more suitable for family or conservation grazing homes than coming straight off the Moor as wild, untouched animals. 

Adoption ponies George, Charlie, Smartie and Rolo live at the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust Centre, at Parke, Bovey Tracey in Devon.

Visitors are welcome on Event Days (see our website www.dpht.co.uk) and by special arrangement.

If you are interested in Adopting a Dartmoor Pony or in a FREE guided walk at our site at Bellever, Postbridge, or wish to make a donation,  or find out about volunteering, please see www.dpht.co.uk  or phone 01626 833234

Registered Charity No.1109196

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