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Thu 24 Jan 2019

At the Residents’ Association meeting in October our Councillors were thanked for attending the meeting and it was noted how much of their free unpaid time they devoted to keeping Bovey Tracey such a pleasant place in which to live and work.

As it has been reported that crime is on the increase in our area and there has been a reduction in the number of police it was emphasised that it was now even more important to consider becoming a member of our local Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Traffic speeding and parking were discussed and it was noted that as there is no longer  assistance for children to cross the road in the centre of the town it is now even more essential to have a zebra or pedestrian controlled crossing installed in this busy area . It has been observed that some traffic is speeding through the town and eventually there could be a serious accident.

It was stated that the Challabrook development that would eventually consist of around 270 new houses. The main problems were seen to be that the additional schooling and medical facilities necessary would not be available in time. Work should have started in August on the new Community Centre but there have been delays as an archaeological survey and drainage investigations still have to be carried out before building work can commence. As our remaining bank has now closed it was emphasised that it is now even more important that local shops and other businesses are used where possible.

A talk was given about progress relating to the Neighbourhood Community Plan. It was said that the public would be asked to give their feedback in the future at a number of  local venues. A presentation was also given about our town becoming ‘plastic free’ and it was stated that a number of local businesses are already helping to reduce this pollution. It was reported that the ‘King of Prussia’ project is progressing well and substantial funds are in the process of being raised to ensure that the new build should take place in the third quarter of 2019.

Other topics discussed were the future of Bovey hospital, a  town gymnasium, Le Molay Littry road ’cycle track’ and resiting lamp posts.

A very happy New Year to you. 

This article has been prepared by Paul Beecher, Chairman-Bovey Tracey Residents’ Association.    

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