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Climate Emergency: Bovey and Heathfield - wildlife gardening advice for January

Tue 11 Feb 2020

Cold winds, frost & heavy rain can often make it seem like there is nothing to be done in the garden but there can be a hint of optimism in the air as the days begin to lengthen. Food can be in short supply and keeping an active supply of bird feed can literally be a life-saver for birds struggling to keep up fat reserves in the winter.

Scent can be a bonus of winter – Saracocca (Christmas Box); Daphne; and Hamamelis (Witchhazel), are all winter gems, and will pour out fragrance, carried on the cold air. Seeing insects on winter flowering plants will give you a real sense of achievement, not only are they hibernating in your garden but by providing winter food they stand a much higher chance of surviving to breed next season.

Don’t forget to recycle that Christmas tree, chopping off the branches, logging the trunk and artistically arranging in a quiet corner can make a cosy spot for bugs, beetles and small mammals.

It’s a time to admire the silhouettes, bare branches and the textures of bark and enjoy this gentler, reflective time of year. Maybe a time to think differently about your garden and view it as a dynamic, living eco-system. Nature is a wise teacher, and by observing its patterns and working in harmony with it, we can minimise any negative effects on the world around us.

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