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Bovey Tracey Residents’ Association

Thu 1 Oct 2020

At a recent Bovey Tracey Council meeting, organised with participants using computers, it was reported that there are increasing amounts of litter being left in our parks and other public areas. In order to dispose of this litter our Council have to pay additional costs. It is appreciated that the bins provided fill rapidly in the summer months so the only alternative, apart from leaving litter anywhere else in the area, is not just to leave it lying around but to take it away and to dispose of it responsibly. It has also been reported that bags of dog excrement are also being left on the ground. Random litter disposal is obviously not a problem just associated with some local residents but is increased as a result of the large number of visitors to our area, especially during the summer and autumn periods. It should be remembered that any increase in expenditure by our Council for this disposal has to eventually be part of our Council Tax.

A number of residents have expressed their appreciation for all those who work in areas that entail them being in direct contact with the public during the current virus epidemic. This of course means our medical staff and those who work in our local chemists. It also includes all those who work in shops, transport facilities, garages and eating and drinking establishments and many other businesses. It is reassuring to note that at the time that this article was written (at the end of July) the incidence of the virus affecting those who live in our area appears to be decreasing. However this does not alter the fact that those who continue to work in places that serve the public are very much appreciated.

It is only this year when the numerous major events that are usually held in our town during the summer months are not taking place that we realise what a vibrant town Bovey Tracey has become. It is to be hoped that the many attractions that under normal circumstances take place in the centre of the town and in its parks and attract so many visitors from around the country will resume next year. We are lucky to have so many people in the area who are prepared to organise these very popular events.

This article was prepared by Paul Beecher - Chairman Bovey Tracey Residents’ Association


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