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Bovey Tracey Residents’ Association

Mon 2 Dec 2019

At a recent Bovey Tracey Town Council meeting our local Police report stated that between the 1st July and the 16th September there were seventy recorded crimes reported across the Bovey Tracey, Heathfield and around the Drumbridges areas. There were thirty four crimes reported in July, twenty four in August and twelve up to the 16th September. Three of the most reported crimes are linked to assaults (twenty), criminal damage offences (seventeen) and thefts (seven). Two persons have been identified for some graffiti in Bovey Tracey and these are being dealt with by community resolution.

There were no complaints from any of the events held in the town during the holiday period, including the Carnival, Party in the Park and the Nourish Festival. All these events were held without any Police attendance needed and were all extremely successful.

It is recognised that even taking into account the number of crimes listed in the Police report, the Bovey Tracey parish is still regarded as a relatively low crime rate area.

A number of residents have commented on how well the streets of the Bovey Tracey are kept so clean. This situation is religiously maintained by our local area cleaner Steve Ley. It is good to have someone who works in such a professional way and we are fortunate to have him working in our town. His work will become more difficult now it is Autumn, as all the leaves continually falling are very difficult to clear.

It is good to note that it has recently been announced that the British Ceramic Tile site at Heathfield is to be occupied by a number of new companies. This should ensure new job vacancies for the local population.

A moving service was recently held at the Bovey Tracey Bradley Bends housing developments with the unveiling of a plaque listing the names of local men who lost their lives in the First World War. The roads at Wiiliams Gate and the Tors developments have been named after thirteen of the fifty six casualties commemorated on the Bovey Tracey war memorial. A further eleven casualties from the war memorial have been submitted for use on future developments in the town. The memorial plaque was supported by the Bovey Tracey Heritage Trust and the granite pillar was donated by Dartmoor National Park.

This article has been prepared by Paul Beecher - Chairman Bovey Tracey Residents’ Association

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