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Bovey Tracey Residents’ Association

Tue 11 Feb 2020

A very happy New Year to you.

As Residents’ Association committee members regularly attend our Town Council meetings, usually held every fortnight, it is good to note how good our local Council is in communicating with the local population.

 Apart from members of the public and the local press present at Council meetings, our Town Clerk and Councillors also communicate with audiences at the Bovey Tracey Activities Trust and the Residents’ Association, in addition to other local groups. At these meetings our Town Clerk and Councillors give updates of recent developments in our area and then, most importantly, respond to questions and comments from the audience. This communication with the local public (and importantly acting on their comments where possible) is not a function always carried out by local Councils.

We have been asked why we have not recently organised a public Resident’s Association meeting. The reason is that there are not many items of public concern which have been raised over the past few months. If there had been we would have convened a meeting in the Autumn but we intend hold one in the near future if only to hear about residents’ concerns and comments and recent developments in the town. These would include, for example, construction of the new Council building and the major work being carried out at the King of Prussia public house and progress with new housing estates in the area.

As Residents’ Association representatives are present at most Council meetings, if anyone has a question for our Council or has a comment on any matter but is not able or does not wish to be present at a meeting we are prepared to put forward their views and report back. Our Council will only remain so effective if there is a two-way dialogue between Councillors and those they serve.

 A reminder about local crime (please note that we live in a relatively crime-free area) and the sterling work of the Neighbourhood Watch organisation. If you would like to know who your local Neighbourhood Watch representative is, or better still, if you are prepared to volunteer as a local representative for your road, please contact Leslie Calder our local organiser. Leslie’s telephone number may be found at the front of this publication.

This article has been prepared by Paul Beecher - Chairman Bovey Tracey Residents’ Association

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