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Bovey Tracey Residents’ Association

Fri 3 May 2019

Now that Spring has arrived we can look forward to a number of events that take place in or around the town.  The first of these is the Green Man Spring Festival that was due to be held on Saturday 27th April. Other events that take place in Bovey during the year include the Contemporary Craft Festival, Party in the Park, Carnival Week, Garden Club Show, Nourish Festival and the Christmas Lights Switch On. These functions are always well attended, not only by locals but by many who live around Bovey Tracey and further afield. A number of residents continue to comment on how much they like living in the Bovey Tracey area and it is to be hoped that even with the large number of houses being built around the town that new residents will have the same opinion.

It is often commented upon that there are so many clubs, societies and other groups in the Bovey Tracey area and how well they are supported. It is stated that the vibrancy of an area is reflected in the number of groups and societies that are supported by the local residents. It will be interesting to note that as Bovey Tracey’s population increases whether the involvement of new residents in local organisations grows to the same extent. It could be possible, as has occurred in other parts in the country that have expanded too rapidly, that new arrivals take some time to become involved in community activities but many do so eventually.

Our town has an especially varied number of shops, public houses, restaurants and other businesses but they will only remain in the town if we support them. A number of residents buy their provisions from stores in larger surrounding towns or have their food delivered from major supermarkets. If local purchases were considered as well as (or instead of) visits to shops and supermarkets outside the town, Bovey Tracey would continue to remain as vibrant as it is now.

It is interesting to note that since the 30mph speed warning sign was erected in Le Molay Littry Way and drivers have been reminded to reduce their speed, many have complied. If only one serious injury has been avoided it has been well worth the cost of purchasing the sign.

This article has been prepared by Paul Beecher  - Chairman Bovey Tracey Residents’ Association


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