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Some new offerings – enhanced Reflexology treatment with Far Infrared Therapy and some free Human Givens Therapy sessions

Thu 24 Jan 2019

By Roberta Hutchins


Roberta Hutchins BSc (Hons) MCPP GHGI

Reflexology & Herbal Medicine at Still Point House

07747 030629



For a limited period of time I’ll be offering you the chance to have your Reflexology treatments with the enhancement of Far Infrared Therapy for no extra cost. I have been trying out some Far Infrared (FIR) options and have found a great FIR mat which I can bring to the clinic in Bovey Tracey. You simply lie on the mat on the usual treatment couch and will be able to benefit not only from the lovely warmth – it feels rather like lying on an electric blanket – but also experience the benefits of FIR on top of the normal benefits of a Reflexology treatment.

What is Far Infrared Therapy you may be asking..! Far Infrared rays are a form of natural invisible light wave - they are present in sunlight and are the harmless healthy rays that are even responsible for photosynthesis in plants! They are quite different to the damaging UV rays from the sun – FIR doesn’t cause sunburn or damage the skin. In fact FIR rays have been shown to boost the body’s basic biological functions, with modern research showing that FIR even stimulates metabolism. I’ve always had a sense that I’m ‘solar powered’ – that feeling of being energised by sun light – well now it’s possible to have that feeling all winter by lying on the mat and receiving the FIR light rays in a relaxed way! When the body absorbs FIR rays it can feel like being in the sunshine – the body is warmed up and you may feel nice and relaxed and full of energy.

Your body also generates its own FIR  – night vision goggles are actually picking up on the infrared rays generated by the body! Your palms even emit a certain type of FIR – and this may go some way to explaining the traditions of palm healing around the world. The idea of using heat to heal and for its health benefits is widespread – many countries have a tradition of using saunas – from Finland, the first place to popularize sauna use in Europe,  to the sweat lodges of the Native Americans.  However, lots of people can’t tolerate the high temperatures in a sauna. FIR can be used at a much lower temperature than a traditional sauna to be effective – so you don’t have to bake yourself and sweat a bucket! FIR warms your body and not the air around you, it penetrates the body to help relax, heal and energise.

There’s been a fair bit of research on FIR, particularly in China and Japan, over the last 25 years. FIR seems to be of particular benefit for helping boost your circulation, for low body temperature (which can compromise your immune system and metabolism), for helping with stress, chronic pain and fatigue. Today’s high stress lifestyles and the levels of environmental toxins we are exposed to have an impact on the body’s natural ability to heal. FIR therapy is now being included in increasing numbers of detoxification programmes around the world because of the ability to support our natural detoxification and healing responses.

Human Givens Therapy – I have recently graduated with a distinction in my Human Givens Therapy Diploma. Human Givens Therapy is a form of brief, solution focussed counselling and psychotherapy. I belong to the Human Givens Institute and I’m now insured to work as a Human Givens Therapist Trainee. Prior to my final week of practitioner training, I’ll be offering a few people up to 3 free Human Givens Therapy sessions at Still Point House from February onwards.

If you’ve been feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or would like some help dealing with a phobia or recent traumatic incident, or to simply help you move on with life, do get in touch. I’d be happy to have a chat with you to see if I think I might be able to help you and whether you would be suitable for one of these free therapy spots. If you want to know more about Human Givens Therapy – please visit the HGI website: https://www.hgi.org.uk/

If you would like to find out more or make an appointment, please call me on 07747 030629 or visit my website www.bewelldevon.uk

You can also find me on social media at

Facebook @bewelldevon

Instagram @herba_roberta  

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