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Re. Sainsburys. Town's shops. Street Lighting

4 December 2011 : K Britton - Bovey Tracey
May I just add my voice to those who've expressed doubts about the openness of the Town Council in telling us, at the recent meeting, that they hadn't entered in to discussions/conversations re. the possibility of selling the land off Molay Littry Way to retail developers with an interest in coming to Bovey. The Freedom of Information publications don't seem to square with what we were told, and we were not told, at the meeting regarding Council Members attending information gathering trips to other South West towns to familiarise themselves with various aspects associated with the consideration of a supermarket being built on the site in question. Please may we be kept fully and honestly informed about the proposals, developments and intentions of all parties so that we may all be able to make our minds up about the positive and negatives effects that a major supermarket in town would have.

May I briefly reiterate the, well aired, topic of parking and access in town insofar as it's very much a part of the whole picture and if local shops and facilities are to thrive (remembering that if the supermarket does get built the shops will mainly wither and die anyway)....then maybe something like a token 10p or 30p maximum charge for, say, 2 hours, might help attract shoppers to the town centre. Longer stays would, of course attract a proportionately higher (but still reasonable) charge. This way the shops which survive and thrive would contribute handsomely via their rates - thus more than offsetting the slight reduction of income gained by the present level of car park charges. Just a thought?

And finally, I'm sorry to comment so belatedly but I'm assuming (or hoping) that alleyways through Bovey's residential areas are to remain illuminated, otherwise they're going to be frightening places to be in the utter, pitch black darkness of the early hours?!

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