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Re. Sainsburys. Town's shops. Street Lighting

4 December 2011 : K Britton - Bovey Tracey
May I just add my voice to those who've expressed doubts about the openness of the Town Council in telling us, at the recent meeting, that they hadn't entered in to discussions/conversations re. the...

The Bard's Prayer

21 November 2011 : Jackie Juno - Bovey Tracey
I wrote the poem below in response to discovering that Bovey Tracey town council are spending £750 of our money on seeking legal advice to lift the covenant which protects the fields off Le Molay...

'The Chair'

26 March 2011 : David Moreton - Bovey Tracey
What has gone wrong with our world? I met a man on the moor some time ago who said he was something to do with having The Chair removed. I asked him why, and he said because it caused excessive...

The Giants Chair

10 July 2010 : Gordon Pickford - Bovey Tracey
I would like to comment on the Giants chair at Natsworthy. First I would like to say what a wonderful piece of architecture it is. What is wrong with these local authorities that they have to poo...

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